5 Biggest Winners and Losers on The Stock Exchange

5 Biggest Winners and Losers on The Stock Exchange
Andela Novotna
Andela Novotna
Published on: 12.07.2021 11:41 (UTC)
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 Biggest Winners on the stock exchange

  1. Ronald Read - American Ronald Reed led a modest life: he enlisted in the United States Army during World War II, serving in Italy as a military policeman, worked as a janitor, refueled cars at gas stations, and was an auxiliary worker in a store. He also secretly gambled on the stock exchange - and earned $ 8 million by investing in dividend-producing stocks, and being a buy and hold investor in a diversified portfolio of stocks with a heavy concentration in blue chip companies. Later he bequeathed to the city hospital and library.
  2. Curt Degerman - The story of Curt Degerman about the stock exchange seems unreal, impossible to believe. But it's no doubt real: yes, the Swedish tramp spent his whole life lending empty cans, investing the money he received in stocks and gold - and in the end he became a millionaire. And his wealth was a secret until his death, after which his relatives remembered Degerman. 
  3. Takashi Kotegawa - Success on the stock exchange is not always about long training, hard work and meticulously calculated transactions. Sometimes pure luck plays a decisive role - and every trader can dream of the luck that once smiled at recluse Takashi Kotegawa. An incredible coincidence allowed him to turn an insignificant sum into $ 20 million in 10 minutes and made him a celebrity.
  4. Andy Krieger - Making money from short positions is not easy and quite risky, which is why successful short sellers are usually experienced and super professional players. And if the short brings $ 300 million in profit, crashes the currency of an entire country and almost provokes an international scandal, then the trader who made such a deal automatically becomes a legend. This is exactly what Andy Krieger did in 1987 - he bet against the New Zealand dollar with a giant leverage and hit the jackpot. And now he is suspected of creating bitcoin.
  5. Winklevoss Brothers - If you've seen the movie "The Social Network", then you know about the brothers Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, they submitted the idea of creating Facebook to Mark Zuckerberg and then sued him, they lost the fight for the social network - but, who cares, since the brothers more than recouped in the field of cryptocurrencies. And they became the world's first Bitcoin billionaires. 

Biggest Losers on the stock exchange

  1. John Rusnak - hero from 90s, he traded for All first Financial bank, mostly on asian market. At first he made good deals and earned quite a trust, because after those breakthrough deals he managed to hide from his bank how bad everything had gone. Despite the fact that the circumstances were not in his favor, Rusnak traded even more aggressively meanwhile John's executives were delighted with his "reports", and he was regularly awarded major bonuses. In 1996 he was in the red already around $ 30 million, by 2001 John Rusnak reeled up $700 million losses. Bank management was in shock (really ?). He was sentenced  for 7,5 years in prison, now Rusnak runs a network of dry cleaners, in which former prisoners work.  
  2. Nick Leeson - is undoubtedly one of the most famous scammers operating in the foreign exchange market. Leeson in 1992 headed the trading department of Barings Bank and gained access to work with serious assets. Trading on the Singapore stock exchange did not work out but it didn't prevent Nick from writing fake reports for some time. Losses in the amount of $ 1.3 billion led Barings to bankruptcy. Nick was convicted and received 6.5 years in prison, later he was diagnosed with oncology and was released ahead of schedule. Leeson subsequently became director of the football club.
  3. Yasuo Hamanaka - At one time, Yasuo boasted that his company Sumitomo Corporation controls 5% of the world copper market. Unfortunately, he could not adequately assess his capabilities and lost a lot of money while trying to turn the market.  The swindler was exposed in 1996. By that time, Yasuo had gone into negative territory by $ 2.5 billion. Despite this, he was only convicted for forging the signature of his boss. After 8 years of imprisonment, "Mister Copper" was released, settled in the suburbs of Tokyo and now leads a measured lifestyle
  4. Brian Hunter - At first, working in a hedge fund was going well for Brian. Aggressive trading in natural gas futures has made good profits. After Hurricane Katrina, which almost completely destroyed the infrastructure of New Orleans, it played into a long open position - rise in prices in the markets. As a result, Amaranth has been able to attract huge investments and generate impressive returns. Unfortunately he was unable to foresee new turns in the gas market, which led to great losses. Overall Brian lost $ 6.5 billion,  naturally after that, Amaranth fund went bankrupt. 
  5. Jérôme Kerviel - The 2007 financial crisis caused many bankruptcies and one of them was installed by Kerviel. The volume of Kerviel transactions reached $ 50 billion, which exceeds the budget deficit of France. It is not clear how such assets got at his disposal, for trading contracts in vanillin - such amounts are a clear overkill. For his machinations, Jerome received a term according to the 3 + 2 formula, and the Societe Generale bank was fined 4 million euros for shortcomings in the organization of work. 



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