Investor or Trader

Investor or Trader
Andela Novotna
Andela Novotna
Published on: 22.05.2023 17:15 (UTC)
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Welcome to an exhilarating adventure!

By answering just eight questions, we will unravel how your risk tolerance molds your distinctive investment style. Prepare yourself to unveil the hidden investor or trader within you.

Get set for a thrilling exploration of your approach to investing!

Without further ado push the button below and enjoy the ride. 

Enjoy the adventure of discovering your investment style!

Who are you? Trader or Investor

Welcome to the exciting world of finance! 

Uncover your true investment persona. Choose the response that resonates with you the most and find out if you are a Trader or an Ivester. 

Let`s dive in!

Imagine you stumble upon a news article discussing a hot new tech company. What`s your initial reaction?

a) "Interesting, I should research this company`s long-term potential before making any investment decisions."

b) "Wow, this could be a great opportunity for short-term gains! I need to analyze the charts and market trends ASAP."

It`s a Saturday morning, and you have some free time. How do you prefer to spend it?

a) "I enjoy reading financial books, analyzing company fundamentals, and planning my long-term investment strategy."

b) "I love tracking market movements, studying technical indicators, and exploring short-term trading opportunities."

How do you handle market downturns or corrections?

a) "I see them as buying opportunities. I trust in my well-researched investments and their long-term potential."

b) "I look for quick exits and ways to profit from the volatility. Timing is everything in these situations!"

You just made a profitable trade or investment. What do you do with the gains?

a) "I typically reinvest the profits into other promising assets or stocks for long-term growth."

b) "I enjoy taking some profits off the table and celebrating my short-term success. Treat yourself!"

What excites you the most about the financial markets?

a) "I love discovering undervalued companies, analyzing industry trends, and patiently watching my investments grow over time."

b) "The thrill of fast-paced trading, making quick decisions, and capturing short-term market opportunities really gets my adrenaline pumping!"

How do you feel about staying updated with financial news and economic developments?

a) "It`s crucial for making informed investment decisions. I enjoy reading financial news and understanding how it impacts the markets."

b) "I`m more focused on charts, technical analysis, and patterns. News can be noisy and distract from my short-term trading strategies."

Which statement best describes your risk tolerance?

a) "I prefer a balanced approach, taking moderate risks that align with my long-term goals."

b) "I don`t mind taking higher risks for the chance of greater short-term rewards. Fortune favors the bold!"

Unexpected news just broke, causing a sudden market shift. How do you react?

a) "I assess the situation, consider the long-term implications, and make thoughtful adjustments to my portfolio, if necessary."

b) "I quickly analyze the new information and take immediate action to capitalize on short-term opportunities. Adapt and conquer!"


  • If your total score is predominantly `a` responses, you lean towards an Investor approach.
  • If your total score is predominantly `b` responses, you lean towards a Trader approach.

Remember, this test is meant to be fun and insightful, but it doesn`t define you entirely as an investor. Your personal circumstances, risk tolerance, and financial goals should always guide your decision-making process.



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